Dark Days of Greyhawk

...and back again!

The party made its way back to Gallow’s Corner where they were greeted by Roycean the Beadle and another human, along with a half dozen Halfling villagers. After a brief conversation, the party was taken by Roycean in a round-about way to Haeithius’ Manor where Toman was waiting at the gate and the Lord Haethius was making his way from the Manor to the gate.

After a brief discussion in the courtyard, the party retired into Haethius’ “Lord’s Chamber” or hall where they continued their discussion about the events that had transpired. Haethius sent for the Canon of the local Church to see to their wounds; and the party gave offering to the Church of Saint Cuthbert as well.

The party entrusted Haethius with The Anvil of the Lortmil Mountains as well as a golden chalice which rightfully belongs to the Church of Rao which he placed in his vault. Haethius also aided the party in discerning which other items among those brought before him were magical. The spear taken from the female kobold was an elvish spear; and the group decided that Durin should use it. Haethius and the group also think that the wizard is seeking to control dragons based on the items found and how he was using Anyara’s elven blood and hair to make potions.

Grimm pointed out that perhaps someone had sold out Anyara when she left Ostverk; and so a plan was decided on to find out if anyone in Gallow’s Corner was also a spy for the evil wizard that knew all about Anyara’s travel and had captured her. A party was called of all the important (and not so important) within the village as well. As the festivities began to celebrate the heroic freeing of two villagers Din and Tin, the party was introduced to a new visitor to the village: a Grey Elf Magic-User named S’tir who had come to the village to discover why the northern verges of Celene had recently been raided by Kobolds.

The party began and the group met several other individuals; had items appraised and much more. None, however, seemed to be discernible as evil.

The next day, the group went into the village to take care of some business, while Grimm walked Gallow’s Corner with Haethius to see if anyone who hadn’t come to the party might be an evil agent…but Haethius’ scrying and magical detections picked up nothing.


Treasure (each):
6 platinum
13 electrum
13 gold
101 silver

4 gems sold – net 166 gold each after appraisal fee

2 raven’s eggs – sold to Haethius – each 25 platinum, 2 trade bars (value 100 gold x 2), 50 gold pieces

...and back again!