Dark Days of Greyhawk

Into the Dark Tower

Grimm and Belrum worked together and crashed the door open with their great strength…and came face to face with a grim giant and several kobolds! More to their surprise, there was a dwarf held captive in the chamber as well!

The party quickly set to attacking the giant, which they learned was a Verbeeg. The party faired well at first, but the giant struck hard at Kaffe and knocked her to the ground with a mighty blow of its huge ironbound wooden maul. While Grimm pulled her back, the new dwarf Durin freed himself from his bonds and aided Belrum in fighting the giant…which quickly fell to the furious assault.

Belrum was somewhat injured as well, and the party decided to take a short break to barricade the door (with the body of the giant!) and search the room. Kaffe, barely conscious and hurting badly was quaffing wine from Grimm’s wineskin to dull the pain and help her stagger back to her feet. Durin found a treasure chest under the staircase; though it did have a dead Halfling in it…half eaten!

After a short rest, and no apparent activity from outside the door, three of the party decided to venture up the stairs. They lit a lantern to better see…but were nearly surprised by the attack of a gigantic raven! The party moved against the bird rather quickly and a second bird joined the attack. Before the party could slay the giant birds, one of them actually shouted out in Common Speech “Flee Master!”.

Having a very quick look around the lair of the giant ravens, a nest was found with two eggs, surrounded by shiny electrum and silver coins and some few gems as well. Having a sense of urgency, the party ran up the stairs quickly…Durin in the lead. As he came to the landing of the final level he noticed it was somewhat lit by braziers in the room. As he rounded a corner, an evil wizard attacked him with a spell that gravely wounded him. A female kobold then attacked him as well…apparently the mate of the evil wizard!?!?

The kobold was quickly dispatched and the party thought they had the wizard cornered; but an attack that would have rung true instead simply caused an illusion to falter and fade! Belrum began moving quickly about the tower thinking the wizard invisible and finally found where the vile man was and started attacking his unseen foe as best he could. Grimm then came to the fray as well and actually landed a blow that caused the wizard to appear…but BLACK blood was on Grimm’s weapon. Another blow landed amid the flurry of attempts to kill the wizard, and the man’s hood fell away revealing he had horns coming from his forehead! With a threat upon their lives, the man-thing whirled his cloak about him and leapt out the window in the form of a bat!

Having secured the tower, the party went back down to free the halflings, and sent them hurrying back to Gallow’s Corner with news.

Exploring the room found many treasures, but the party also found chained to the top of the tower the Elven Lady Priest of Labelas Enoreth named Anyara. The party spied another patrol of Kobolds approaching the tower, and so the three dwarven warriors, still gravely wounded, ventured down to give battle again. They quickly broke the kobolds, with two attempting to flee, and three orcs set with blades bare onto Belrum and Grimm while Durin gave chase in an opposite direction.

The Durin’s kobold got away, just as he heard the dour call of Grimm shouting for aid…Belrum had fallen; slashed from behind by an orc. The two dragged their fellow back into the tower, and set about barricading the door again with the dead giant’s body; and then pulled their friend up the stairs to the wizard’s lair. Luckily, Kaffe had found Anyara’s silver holy symbol, and the priestess was able to heal the party of nearly all its wounds!

Gathering their many treasures, the raven eggs included, the party moved down to leave the tower and make their way out…and into yet another grand melee! At least a dozen kobolds awaited the party, who quickly made haste away from the crossbow wielding little dogmen and into the courtyard to make good their escape. Yet another Verbeeg was moving to stop them though, in tow a pair of orcs behind him. The party decided to make their stand in the courtyard.

Surprisingly, the two orcs left off quickly…not afraid, but as if they were simply done with the whole affair or had other places to be. They moved quickly south deeper into the hills. The party battled mightily, slaying every single kobold and the Verbeeg as well; though some minor wounds were suffered, and Grimm stood toe to toe with the giant for some time before it fell.

Having defeated their foes, and not knowing if more were yet to come; the party left off from the ruined temple and began their trek back to Gallow’s Corner.