Dark Days of Greyhawk

The Crumbling Faithful

The party has ventured south of Gallow’s Corner to the ruins of an old church of Rao that was destroyed years ago by the minions of the Temple of Elemental Evil. As they approached, they noticed that the place was obviously inhabited, as it had crude wooden fences erected around it.

Deciding to approach from the east, the party crept up to the stockade area there and found that the fence was “guarded” by a pair of sleeping Kobolds. Kaffe quietly moved through the fence and forever silenced the two kobolds, which then allowed her pair of dwarven companions to move into the fenced area as well.

Once there, the party realized that the many cages there actually held not only sheep, chickens and other livestock…but a pair of halflings as well! Instructing the pair to stay put and stay quiet, the party moved toward the door of the east wall to gain entry and hopefully to dispatch any guards in the tower over-looking the cages.

As Belrum opened the door, he realized an orc was standing guard within! Belrum, ready for combat rushed the orc and with one mighty swing, the orc’s head was crushed and its body slammed to the floor…but Belrum had noticed he had run right past two other orc guards in the hall to the north. Too late to tell Grimm and Kaffe, the two rushed in behind Belrum, Grimm quickly turning south to find the door to the tower; only Kaffe realized that the orcs were there.

The other two guards cautiously moved down the hall; but were also quickly dispatched in battle by the party. Quickly moving south to the tower door then, the party was again beset by foes: four kobolds yapped and ran down a hallway toward them. The little dog-men caught Kaffe by surprise and exacted some small revenge against her (unknowingly in truth) for the death of their companions in the courtyard; but then the four were essentially massacred by the brutal strength of the trio.

The game left off with the party ready to move into the tower; though they had discovered prior to their fight with the kobolds that the door was seemingly barred from the other side.