Grimm "Thumper" Axehaft

Dwarven Warrior of the Rockhome Dwarves


Str: 18/99 (92) +2 to hit, +5 Damage
Int: 11
Wis: 13
Dex: 16 -2 AC adj., +1 missile
Con: 19 (19) +5 H.P./lvl , 99% system shock, 100% resurrection survival, min 2 h.p./lvl
ChA: 9 (10) 10 cha with dwarves

Languages: Dwarven, Gnomish, Orchish, Common, Stone Giant, Ogre

Poison: 8
Paralyzation / Death Magic: 14
Pretrification / Polymorph: 15
Rod / Staff / Wand: 11
Breath Weapon: 17 (Scary)
Spell: 12

Weapons: Morningstar (Double specialized), Light xbow

60’ Infravision, Detect traps 75%, Detect new construction 75%, Detect sliding / shifting 66 2/3%, Detect traps, 50%, Determine depth 50%,

Secondary skill: Tactics and strategy

+1 to hit orcs, goblins, hoboglblins, half-orcs

Potion of Flying
Scroll of Raise Dead
Magic-user scroll
Silk of Smallness
Chalice of Rao


Grimm was born during one of the most turbulent storms in memory for the Rockhome Dwarves. The storm was known as the “Grim Tidings.” The Dwarves took it as a sign that Clangeddin was in a mighty battle, and was using his considerable magical powers which he seldom calls upon except in the most dire situations. The clerics were still able to use their magic after the storm subsided which was a sure sign that mighty Clangeddin had once again prevailed.

Grimm was born on the worst of these nights and was son of clan war commander Thorst Axehaft. The clan high priest of the Rockhome Dwarves named Grimm himself, after the mighty storm, and declared it as an omen that Grimm was destined to be a mighty war commander, and gain the favor of Clangeddin in battle.

Grimm grew up learning weapons and tactics at an early age and sat in on all war councils, and took note of his fathers strategic maneuvers. Quickly he learned the art of strategy and combat, and favored the morning star over all other weapons for its fierce brutality and unwavering blow it delivers on every stroke. For Grimm, fear is not an option and to cower in the back is the way of womenfolk and children.

Upon his fathers death Grimm was grief stricken beyond telling and went into “the mourning” for what seemed countless weeks. He buried his father in his ceremonial field plate and broke his weapons upon the cairn, laying them to rest beside Thorst so he would have them when he served beside Clangeddin. Grimm even broke the morningstar his father had given him named “Thumper” and placed it on top of the cairn to honor his fathers passing. It was this morning star that had garnered his nickname that the clan called him and is well known when he serves as a bounty hunter throughout the area.

After the period of mourning his father concluded, Grimm had a new morning star fashioned of pure black iron, with a blackwood haft. He named this “Old Bessie” after the crass nanny that had reared him, and taught him more life lessons and how to be able to handle adversity better than any creature he had ever bested. He had the old suit of platemail that had been his fathers, and was almost almost useless, fitted to him and ready to set out to learn the ways of combat in the world to be ready to return and take of war commander duties when the time was right.

It is now that Grimm has departed his people and ended up in Gallows Corners and his new life begins…

Grimm "Thumper" Axehaft

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