Ultimas LeBeaux


Str: 16 (17 due to age) +1 to hit +1 to damage +500 wt. Open doors: 1-3 Bend Bars/Lift 13%
Int: 13 3 extra languages
Wis: 18 +4 magical attack adjustment
Dex: 17 +2 reaction adjustment, -3 defensive adj.
Con: 17 (18 due to age)
Cha: 14

H.P: 10
Languages: Elvish, Dwarvish, Gnomish

Age: 21
Height: 6’
Weight: 180

Saves: +2 to all saves from Heironeous
Paralyzation / Poison / Death Magic: 8
Petrification / Polymorph: 11
Rod / Staff / Wand: 12
Breath Weapon: 14
Spell: 13

Known as the “Code of Heironeous,” Ultimas gets +2 to all saves, cannot speak, cannot use poison of any kind or flaming oil, cannot retain followers, cannot retain wealth of any kind past minimal monies for survival. He does not need to sleep for spells but must pray extensively to receive them. He acts as a Paladin in all respects towards lawful good and must thwart evil any chance he gets.

Ultimas is immune to fear.
Creates a protection from evil aura like a Paladin 1" radius.
Can Lay on hands to any unconscious player bringing them instantly to 1 hp once per day.
Creates offensive spells with a lightning effect : (Blade Barrier, Flame strike, etc.)
Can detect evil 3 times per day 60’
Can recite the Book of the Code and the Book of Penitence at will.
All spells are heard in the minds of those within range as if Ultimas were speaking, but his lips never move as he cannot speak aloud.


Ultimas is a cleric of Heironeous and devout follower of the deity in all respects.

Born a commoner of low stature his real name is no longer known. He had always dreamed of being a Paladin, and his heart was virtuous and sought to always do good for others. A Paladin of the area named Sir Doriad watched over his village of Bethel Station, but was not always the most virtuous example of what a Paladin should entail. Sir Doriad was arrogant, pompous, and looked down on those beneath his station as not worthy of his time or attention.

When a group of Goblin bandits were about to beset the village Sir Doriad left due to “unexpected pressing matters” with the church. Only Ultimas rallied the people to action and had the children removed to hidden safety along with all non combatants. Only a few of the men remained to help secure the town. It was not long before it was evident they could not hold out against the Goblin host and Ultimas told the men to flee while he led the goblins away. It was at this time while leading the goblins down a false trail that he called out to Heironeous for him to notice how a true follower should be devoted to his service. Many of the Avatars of the deity watched with great interest hearing the commoners plea. They soon called upon Heironeous to watch the spectacle as Ultimas stood alone with only a rusty longsword and intense courage. The goblins taunted the young commoner and cut him one little piece at a time to play with their prey. Ultimas called out directly to Heironeous to allow him to die with honor. The goblin chieftain spat out in disgust and garbled common. “Heironeous is like a flea on a dog. He will not never hear you!” With that he slit the throat of the young commoner and laughed as he lay there watching his life force dripping away.

Heironeous stepped through the veil to the material realm with eyes flared in anger along with two of his avatars at his side. The three greater beings slew the goblins in mass. Each swipe of Heironeous’ great longsword killing whole groups of goblins. Flee they tried, died they did. The two Avatars reached down to pick up the lifeless young commoner who lay dead in their arms. It seemed as if Heioronous had taken but two steps and was standing over the area of Verbobonc. Arrogance, pompous attitudes, and neglect of the people many of my Paladins have forgotten their oath and what their purpose is. A new champion is needed to set my code aright. This area is infested with evil. A champion of pure heart and courage to face hard decisions is needed now more than ever. Looking at the body of the common man in his Avatar’s arms. with a finger he pointed. “He shall be the code of Heironeous”

The young man awoke in a green field. His wounds completely healed except for the nasty scar along his throat and an inability to speak. A glowing form kneeled with his head bowed pointing to the pile of gear lying close by. “You are now the Code of Heironeous known as Ultimas. Direct servant of the great Archpaladin. Your cries of devotion have been heard. This suit of platemail, shield, cloak, silver longsword, and holy symbol declare your station to the faithful. Set our faith back on course by teaching the Code in its entirety. You will be guided along your journey. Hold true to your heart, and remember to always ride the lightning!” With that the avatar faded into mist.

Little known to Ultimas, Heironeous has much greater designs for this cleric. One day he will help search for the Chalice of Heironeous. It is said that the Chalice will be recovered by one that knows no fear and can never speak a lie.

Ultimas LeBeaux

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