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Coldeven 576 Clack (for future archive)

Our game starts in the Month of Coldeven (being Late Spring) on the 5th day of the Month (making it the First Week) which is called Waterday. This makes it the 68th day of the year 576 C.Y. (Common Year) of the Aerdy Calendar. It is currently the year 5038 to the Olven Folk!

The party is currently in residence within the Viscounty of Verbobonc, having only two days prior left the Village of Ostverk for the Village of Gallow’s Corner to find and slay humanoids that were recently chased from the northern area of Verbobonc in the environs of Nulb out of the hated Temple of Elemental Evil.

  • Apparently a band of Kobolds have set up camp in the hills near Gallow’s Corner and have been raiding the flocks of sheep in broad daylight! There is little the shepherds can do but flee when the kobolds come.
  • Haethius Meltorik the Sage who retired to Gallow’s Corner only three years ago is said to be seeking any magical scrolls and tomes found in the old gnome ruins in the area…as well as any olven scrolls as well. He pays top coin and is even willing to do trading from his own spellbook for rare spells!
  • The evil cleric known as Lareth “the Beautiful” is said to have fled from the adventurers who plundered the Temple of Elemental Evil in the north…and some think he may be hold up somewhere in the area of Gallow’s Corner trying to gather humanoid mercenaries before he makes a move; either to move into the Wild Coast or even to sack a local village!
  • The wizard Burne of Hommlet is said to be seeking an apprentice. He is not interested in longer lived races, as he feels his rapid means of teaching would be too quick for the longer lived races; though others say he is a racist and only interested in human apprentices.

Coldeven 6th, 576 C.Y.

  • A Green Dragon is said to have roosted upon the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil. None know which Green Dragon it is; but it is likely NOT the dreaded Chaustichlorinus of the Gnarley Forest. It may be one of her brood…but none are sure, and less than none want to find out at this time if some evil dragon nests in the evil ruins of the place!
  • Elves are scouting out of the northern borders of Celene. Apparently humanoids have been raiding Celene’s northern borders of late, and the Knights of Luna (the Elven Knights of Celene) have sent several scouts and envoys to see what is going on.

Coldeven 7th, 576 C.Y.

  • The man known as “Lord” Krell (a “retired” adventurer from the Wild Coast) has increased the tolls he collects for the “better maintenance and protection of the High Road” that makes travel quicker between southern Verbobonc/Celene and the Free Cities of Dyvers and Greyhawk. Krell’s Gate is the fortification he erected with the aid of wizards some years ago, and because the land he is in is disputed by Verbobonc, Dyvers AND Celene, he has thus far avoided retribution from any of these nations by paying full tax to all of them!

Current Clack

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