Domains of Verbobonc

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Below are the various domains within Verbobonc. It should be noted that no map would be able to show correctly the patchwork quilt of holdings belonging to the various nobles, churches, lords and knights which are the body politic of Verbobonc. Instead, the following domains mention only the individual communities that belong to any particular individual or organization.

The Viscount of Verbobonc

  • Verbobonc City (Free City, administered by a Mayor. The Royal Castle is here as well)
  • Aneril (Lord Caecaer)
  • Brigasel (Lord Tueltswyn)
  • Carter’s Meadow (Viscount’s Bailiff)
  • Castle Hagthar (Lord-Prelate Vaelesh of Tritheron)
  • Castle Haxx (Lord Haxx, Lord-Sheriff of the West Road)
  • Castle Ostverk (Waldgraf (Baron) Deleveu, Warden of the South)
  • Castle Velysin (Lord Velysin, Lord-Sheriff of the East Road
  • Erenes (Lord Termyrd)
    • Erelya (Lord Termyrd’s Bailiff)
  • Gallow’s Corner (Lord Haethius)
  • Hieath (Viscount’s Bailiff)
  • Humming’s End (Viscount’s Sheriff, Waldgraf Deleveu)
  • Irondelve (Clan Lord (King) Rockhall of the Mountain Dwarves)
  • Ieardel (Lord Relnarril)
  • Ketter’s Hearth (Viscount’s Bailiff)
  • Lisryd (Lord Selkes)
    • Drydere (Lord Selkes’ Bailiff)
  • Littleburrow, Free Town of (Free-Lady Stefania)
  • Mol (Lord Langmuir)
  • Ordmeln (Lord Kynyss)
  • Ruby Falls (Lord Dathera, the Half-Elven)
  • Sheernobb (Viscount’s Bailiff)
  • Tenir (Lord Eremyrd)
  • Terre Vert (Prince (King) Halirien of the Sylvan Elves)
  • Twilight Falls (Free Village)
  • Touwyn (Lord Kesialon)
  • Tristane, Free Town and Castle of (Town = Mayor; Castle = Sheriff)

Free Assembly of the Kron Hills (Prince Jimm)

  • Kron, Gnome Town of (Prince Jimm’s Seneschal)
    • Osnobrolt (Gnome Lord Krimm)
    • Tulvar (Gnome Lord Bestem)

Church of Saint Cuthbert (Archbishop Edine Kyne)

NOTE: Nobles of these lands are vassals to BOTH the Archbishop and Viscount. The Viscount shares revenue with the Archbishop from these holdings as his tithe. Those settlements marked in bold are beholden ONLY to the Church of St. Cuthbert.

  • Abriel (Bishop Ilor through his Bailiff)
    • Gedan (Bishop’s Reeve)
    • Henewes (Bishop Ilor’s Bailiff)
    • Iversen (Knight Commander Kjer, Paladin Lord)
  • Bifyrd (Lord Calayner)
  • Cyre (Lord Ertanar)
  • Goffin (Lord Quarne)
  • Hasebe (Lord Ercamber)
  • Medarsin (Lord Lasvarn)
  • Myrenath (Lord Uldarayne)
    • Kaikefrin (Lord Yalgeth)
  • Stybrin (Lord Yalcuthy)

Church of Rao

  • Namadees (High Priest Jyka Misral)
    • Hanerden (High Priest’s Bailiff)
    • Ulmstane (Paladin-Lord Sir Hurben Larles)

Church of Heironeous

The Church of Heironeous is looked upon with a great deal of respect; and all Good Knights pay lip service to him, even if a devoted follower of Saint Cuthbert. However, many of the folk in Verbobonc consider him an “un-needed” God because (with the exception of raiders now, and the brief moment of the Temple of Elemental Evil) there is no need for a “War God” among the people of peaceful Verbobonc.

  • Abbey of the Valorous Knight (Grandmaster Hethrail Torst)
  • Larneystoe, Free Town of (Administered by Grandmaster Torst’s Bailiff)

Church of Berei

The Church of Berei is heavily followed by the common farmers of the Viscounty of Verbobonc; but has very few churches at all. Her clergy travel as roaming migrant workers almost constantly. Many villages will have a Glebe (village religious figure) that is a worshiper of Berei, though perhaps not a cleric (some are Druids!). The Church of Berei works very closely with the Church of Saint Cuthbert, and the more powerful church treats the Church of Berei well. The Church has no holdings outside of a small church in Verbobonc City; save a small fortification which houses the Order of the White Rays; a non-sanctioned order of Knights (not sanctioned by the Church of Berei; but recognized by the Viscount).

  • Castle Sarkiri (Grandmaster Ardak Tyun of Berei)

Baron Avgustin

  • Korbin (Baron Avgustin)
    • Swan (Baron Avgustin’s Bailiff)
  • Feirnar (Lord Cynsel)
  • Geda (Lord/Jarl? Forsetha)
  • Genilden (Lord Rilhucul)
  • Ollash (Lord Narcynsal)
  • Sarius (Lord Anasyr)
  • Teslisa (Lord Andcyn)
  • Wynwlie (Lord Benter)
    • Faerane (Lord Benter’s Bailiff)

Baron Chondell and Baroness Saflynd

  • Validia (Baron Chondell)
  • Andazyn (Lord Vastair)
  • Bensalnar (Lord Kescyn)
    • Feryce (Lord Kescyn’s Bailiff)
  • Dynain (Lord Andcaer)
  • Ledyne (Baroness Saflynd’s Bailiff)
  • Loren’s Ford (Baron Chondell’s Bailiff)
  • Narasin (Lord Kesrel)
  • Tuwglan (Lady Llayleane for Baroness Saflynd)

Baron Galans

The Baron Galans recently gained the status of both Baron and Semi-Independence as well. What caused the Viscount to grant such a title to such a small domain is unknown at this time. Many other Barons (far more influential and militarily powerful!) have openly questioned this. Never-the-less, Arch-Baron Galans (formerly a simple Lord beholden to the Viscount) is what he is. He is known to be a simple fellow, and doesn’t spend extravagant sums or proudly boast. He IS known to swing a powerful mace however, and for the past three years has placed in the top five contestants of every single Grand Melee.

  • Cienega Valley (Arch-Baron Galans)
    • Albernet (Arch-Baron Galans’ Sister/Seneschal)
    • Durrie (Arch-Baron Galans’ Brother/Bailiff)
  • Dynes (Lord Effel, brother-in-law of the Arch-Baron)
    • Hydes (Lord Effel’s Bailiff)
  • Nothrine (Lady Telestara the Half-Elven)
  • Terendra (Lord Hekatt)

Baron Langmuir

  • Etterboek (Baron Langmuir)
    • Ffinza (Baron’s Bailiff)
    • Naneial (Baron’s Bailiff)
  • DeChute’s Ford (Lord DeChute)
  • Domurin (Lord Thesslie)
  • Ganden (Lord Salycelis)
    • Celfarin (Lord Salycelis’ Bailiff)

Baron Milinous

  • Penwick (Baron Milinous’ Bailiff)
    • Caermel (Prince Rythal Milinous, Baron Milinous is extremely old and “retired”)
    • Meldun (Baron Milinous’ Bailiff)
  • Aecelrin (Lord Benwyn)
  • Brigmer (Lord Mellestin)
    • Wynere (Lord Mellestin’s Bailiff)
  • Docialon (Lord Enaris)
  • Kynadin (Lord Biurune)
  • Shenadun (Lord Ceselryd)

Baron Rhynehurst

  • Rhynehurst, Town and Barony of (Baron Rhynehurst)
  • Andgan (Baron’s Bailiff)
  • Banbray (Lord Teraeth)
  • Fifen (Lord Naryce)
  • Harik (Lord Hacaed)
  • Ilaon (Lord Wyntersel)
    • Hasiary (Lord Wyntersel’s Bailiff)
    • Husiarol (Lord Wyntersel’s Bailiff)
  • Imagos (Lord Iewyn)
  • Larner (Lord Brigalis)
  • Larwyn (Lord Larles)
  • Mentasia (Lord Salcellis)
  • Myrd (Lord Sialar)
  • Rildrel (Lord Cemelryd)
  • Terane (Baron’s Bailiff)

Baron Shannus

  • Glory (Baron Shannus of Veluna)
  • Hoardrel (Lord Rydanus)
    • Caelten (Lord Rydanus’ Bailiff)
  • Jergrayn (Baron Shannus’ Bailiff)
  • Kesdunid (Lord Rhydadun)
  • Laneryd (Lord Narialon)
  • Larialon (Lord Tonaril)
  • Leneril (Prince Legith Shannus)
  • Milnyrd (Lord Benere)
  • Nerand (Lord Aathnar)
  • Rolyce (Baron’s Bailiff)
  • Tyannal (Lord Docord)
  • Woodstock (Baron’s Bailiff)

Baron Vaswell

  • Oakham (Baron Vaswell)
    • Dunlorik (Baron’s Bailiff)
    • Eglath (Baron Vaswell’s Bailiff)
    • Thaymouth (Prince Thiimon Vaswell)
      • Chulb’s Ferry (Prince Thiimon’s Captain)
    • Ulsonril (Baron Vaswell’s Bailiff)
  • Aereben (Lord Afaelin)
  • Creran (Lord Siacyn)
  • Cynkes (Lord Ordcyn)
  • Jeirtern (Lord Kesgyate)
  • Lysfeir (Lord Syrsal)
    • Byrdtes (Lord Syrsal’s Bailiff)
  • Narane (Lord Ialon)
  • Sangara (Lord Melwynn)
    • Loxton (Lord Melwynn’s Bailiff)

March of Hommlet

The March of Hommlet is a currently disorganized area (outside of settlements) that has seen heavy military action over the past few years. As a result, the entire area is heavily watched by the Viscount and his agents (as well as agents of Veluna, Furyondy and even Celene!). The Viscount has appointed two Lords to the area to administer it, as well as putting it under the authority of a third entity in the form of the Waldgraf Deleveu to ensure that no one person can gain power here to be influenced by agents hoping to regain power from the remains of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

  • Hommlet, Free Town of and Castle of (Town: Town Council, Castle: Lords Burne and Rufus)
    • Nulb (currently no defined leadership; patrols by Lord Rufus until Lord appointed by Viscount)

Other Settlements

“Lord” Krell’s Gate

Outside of the Civilized areas of Verbobonc are still areas of wilderness; even outright lawlessness (such as Nulb was once, and somewhat still is). There are also numerous “Free” Steadings that have been started by Free Farmers who go unnoticed by the Viscount or his Nobles and Officers. Even still beyond that, there are areas where an adventurer has started a tiny settlement for their retirement or where they are making an attempt to establish a Manor.

Even after all these things, there are the numerous ancient ruins of Elven, Flan or other make which are now inhabited by either bandits, runaways or humanoids and/or monsters. Verbobonc is a “civilized” land to be sure…but this does not mean there is no place where such monstrosities as even Beholders and Dragons have been found to lair!

Be wary, even on the roads and well traveled paths Adventurer…

Domains of Verbobonc

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