Black Dragons

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Black Dragons are said to be one of the “least” of all Dragons…but any who have encountered them would know better! Black Dragons are powerful, having great ability to move through many places unnoticed because of their jet black scales making them even harder to spot in the night.

Black Dragons prefer swampy land to lair within, but also can be found beneath the ground in dark lairs…and are one of the most common dragons to be found in old dismal ruins that they can get into. They are devious in the extreme and couple cunning intelligence with animal ferocity.

Their weapons are deadly; powerful claws that can rend stone and jaws that can rip plate armor to pieces…and yet their most deadly weapon is their acidic breath weapon! Even stones will melt beneath it, and flesh is consumed in ashen smoke and ruin!

Rarely do these dragons employ magic; but when they do they rarely possess magic that they use for direct attack. Instead they prefer to charm, cajole, trick and fool with their magic.

Black Dragons

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