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The Village of Gallow’s Corner was settled a long time ago by a rather adventurous Halfling by the name of Gallow…the place has never been a “Hangman’s” place of any kind truly. It is an easy going place recently beset by the minions of the Temple of Elemental Evil; but now for the past two years has been rather quiet…as is the liking of Halfling folk.

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Shopping Lists

In general, anything that costs 10 G.P. or less can be found in Gallow’s Corner. Anything more than that is normally special ordered.

Gallow’s Corner Militia

The militia is currently commanded by Roycean the Beadle; though a Knight Bachelor is soon to arrive in town and will then take command.

The current militia consists of:

1 Medium Horseman (Roycean)
3 Light Horsemen (Teech, Samthan, Samthan the Young)
2 Yeoman Archers (both halflings)
3 Heavy Footmen (Keltarin, Buor, Dougan)
2 Free Longbowmen (Dogue and Togrik)
5 Free Infantry (Farmers)
25 Militia Infantry (mix of halfling and human serfs)
15 Militia Archers (mix of halfling and human serfs)

Only Roycean and the 2 Yeomen owe military service to Haethius, total of 90 days a year each; though Roycean is also the Beadle.

Village Key

1) Lord Haethius’ Manor
2) Teech the Ostler (Human Male)
3) Glensana the Herbalist (Halfling Female)
4) Deckral’s Downs, Tavern/Festhall (Halfling Male)
5) Shrine of Berei (tended by villagers)
6) Samthan the Teamster
7) Lord Haethius’ Bonding House
8) Village Storehouse (for wool)
9) Keltarin the Salter (Human Male)
10) Tolind Moorfoot the Mercantyler (Halfling Male)
11) Gelsarna the Clothier (Halfling Female)
12) Gelsarna’s House
13) Tigglethom Barglashelhod the Glass Worker (Gnome Male)
14) Dogue the Woodcrafter (Human Male)
15) Buor the Miller (human male)
16) Dougan the Blacksmith (human male)
17) Togrik the Hideworker (human male)
18) Sheela Peryroyl’s Farm (Halfling Church of,) Priestess Tisha Grovetender
55) Roycean the Yeoman/Beadle (Light Cavalryman, human male)
57) Church of Saint Cuthbert, Canon Deld Winross
58) Gnome Clan Barglashelhod (Clan Chief Beggletop)
More to come…

Gallow's Corner

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