Goleth's Ruins

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Goleth’s Ruins is an old temple to Rao erected nearly twenty years ago by the semi-retired adventurer Goleth of Rao. Goleth was an adventuring companion of Haethius; but before the Battle of Emridy Meadows, a small army of humanoids sacked Goleth’s Temple to Rao south of Gallow’s Corner.

The place was a nest of evil for a while, until the Temple of Elemental Evil was defeated by the forces of good…and subsequent hunting of that organizations minions resulted in evil being forced from Goleth’s Ruins.

Only recently, the Temple of Elemental Evil was sacked by adventurers, and its dark denizens scattered to the four winds…which has resulted in some of them returning to Goleth’s Ruins it would seem.

Haethius of Gallow’s Corner had recently sent a small band of adventurers to see what can be done about the situation; which resulted in the destruction of the temple on Coldeven 6 of 576C.Y. after the party defeated the enemy within. He gave them as many details about his former friends old temple as he could remember (though now the temple has fallen into a great sinkhole):

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Goleth's Ruins

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