Numismatics of Greyhawk

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Aside from the standard AD&D money system, there is an alternate system that could be used:

Greyhawk Monetary System

The basic unit of exchange is the silver piece. There are 250 silver pieces, known as denarii (abbreviated “d”) or pennies, to the Aerdy Pound (abbreviated ‘£’ for Librum). One Aerdy Pound represents approximately 13 ounces of silver.

One gold piece is equal in value to 50 silver pieces; thus, there are 5 gold pieces to the Aerdy Pound. Copper pieces (2500 to the Aerdy Pound) are used for the smallest transactions, and it is also common to use barter, or small gems of various sorts, in place of coin.

Items are typically valued in denarii, and payment made with the appropriate number of silver or gold coins. Expensive items are valued in Pounds, or a combination thereof; for example, a mail shirt costing 375 d. would typically be written as £1 125d.

The sizes and relative values of gold, silver, and copper pieces are nearly ubiquitous within the Flanaess. In addition, some of the wealthier nations issue even larger gold coins, with values up to £1. Regardless of size, gold coins are worth approximately £20 per pound of weight (16 ounces).

10 copper pieces (cp) = 1 silver piece (1 d.)
50 silver pieces (sp) = 1 gold piece
5 gold pieces (gp) = £1

2500 c.p. = 250 s.p. = 5 g.p. = £1
500 c.p. = 50 s.p. = 1 g.p.
Approximate number of coins per (16 oz.) pound:
copper pieces 300
silver pieces 300
gold pieces 100

Published values convert as follows (old to new):
10 g.p. = 1 g.p.
1 p.p. = .5 g.p.
1 g.p. = 5 s.p. = .1 g.p.
1 e.p. = 2.5 s.p. = .05 g.p.
1 s.p. = .25 s.p.
1 c.p. = .25 c.p.


Banded & Mail £2
Helmet, great 75d
Helmet, small 50d
Leather 100d
Mail, shirt £1 125d
Mail, full £3
Padded 50d
Plate & Mail £8
Plates, coat of £1
Scale 225d
Shield, buckler 15d
Shield, large 50d
Shield, small 35d
Studded 150d

Arrow, single 5cp
Arrow, score 5d
Arrow, silver, one 5d
Axe, Battle 25d
Axe, Hand 15d
Axe, Great 35d
Axe, Sparth 40d
Bardiche 35d
Bill 30d
Bow, long 75d
Bow, short 60d
Crossbow, heavy 100d
Crossbow, light 60d
Cudgel 3d
Dagger 10d
Flail, Footman’s 15d
Flail, Horseman’s 40d
Fork, Military 20d
Garrot 2d
Glaive 30d
Halberd 45d
Hammer, footman’s 40d
Hammer, horseman’s 25d
Harpoon 25d
Javelin 3d
Knife 5d
Knife, Long 15d
Lance 15d
Mace 25d
Morning Star 25d
Pike, Awl 15d
Quarrel, single 3cp
Quarrel, score 10d
Sap 5d
Scimitar 75d
Sling & 12 Bullets 5d
Sling Bullets, 20 15d
Spear 5d
Staff, Quarter 2d
Sword, Bastard 125d
Sword, Broad 75d
Sword, Falchion 60d
Sword, Great 150d
Sword, Long 75d
Short, Short 50d
Sword, War 125d
Trident 20d
Voulge 15d

Belt 1d
Boots, high, hard 10d
Boots, high, soft 5d
Boots, low, hard 5d
Boots, low, soft 2d
Cap 3cp
Cloak 2d
Girdle, broad 10d
Girdle, normal 3d
Hat 2d
Robe 2d

Belladona, sprig 1d
Garlic, bud 2cp
Wolvesbane, sprig 3d

Chicken 1d
Cow 50d
Dog, guard 100d
Dog, hunting 50d
Donkey 40d
Goat 5d
Hawk, large 200d
Hawk, small 90d
Horse, draft 150d
Horse, hvy war £60
Horse, lt war £30
Horse, med war £45
Horse, riding £2
Mule 100d
Ox 75d
Pigeon 1cp
Piglet 5d
Pig 15d
Pony 75d
Sheep 10d
Songbird 2cp

Miscellaneous Equipment & Items
Backpack, leather 10d
Box, iron, large 140d
Box, iron, small 45d
Candle, tallow 1cp
Candle, wax 2cp
Case, bone, map or scroll 25d
Case, leather, map or scroll 4d
Chest, wooden, large 4d
Chest, wooden, small 2d
Lantern, bullseye 60d
Lantern, hooded 35d
Mirror, large metal 50d
Mirror, small, silver 100d
Oil, flask of 5d
Pole, 10’ 1cp
Pouch, belt, large 5d
Pouch, belt, small 3d
Quiver, 1 dozen arrows capacity 3d
Quiver, 1 score arrows capacity 4d
Quiver, 1 score bolts capacity 4d
Quiver, 2 score bolts capacity 5d
Rope, 50’ 1d
Sack, large 4cp
Sack, small 3cp
Skin for water or wine 3d
Spike, iron, large 2cp
Thieves’ picks & tools 150d
Tinder Box, with flint & steel 5d
Torch 1cp

Ale, pint 1cp
Beer, small, quart 1cp
Food, merchant’s meal 1d
Food, rich meal 5d
Grain, horse meal, 1 day 3d
Mead, pint 1d
Rations, iron, 1 week 25d
Rations, standard, 1 week 15d
Wine, pint, good 2cp
Wine, pint, watered 1cp

Religious Items
Beads, Prayer 5d
Incense, stick 5d
Symbol, Holy*, iron 10d
Symbol, Holy*, silver £1
Symbol, Holy*, wood 2s
Water, Holy*, vial 125d

Tack and Harness
Barding, leather £2
Barding, mail £5
Barding, plate £10
Bit and Bridle 4d
Harness 3d
Saddle 50d
Saddle Bags, large 20d
Saddle Bags, small 15d
Saddle Blanket 1d

Barge/Raft, small £1
Boat, small £1 125d
Boat, long £3
Cart 150d
Galley, large £500
Galley, small £200
Ship, large £300
Ship, small £100
Ship, war £400
Wagon £3

Numismatics of Greyhawk

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