Spear of Tinnal

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Over three centuries ago the elven huntsman Tinnal adventured extensively in the hills and mountains around Celene. He was known for his hatred of humanoids, and often would venture far afield tracking down a particular chieftain to slay.

Many say he finally found his match in battle, for Tinnal ventured into the Lortmil Mountains one summer and never returned.

This spear that has been found is said to have been made for Tinnal by his own father who had later been killed in battle on a field in Celene. It is known to never break under the charge of even the largest foe. It is a seven foot long spear; the haft made of bronzewood and the steel blade is highly decorated with intricate symbols of hunting and power.

The Spear of Tinnal is currently owned by Durin the Dwarf

Spear of Tinnal

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